Winnergear’s Montar Car Mount – update 3 The Finale

Montar Car Mount

Montar Car Mount

A few weeks back we received our Car Mount. We were very sceptical because of the bad experiences we had with car mounts in general.

To give you an idea:

  • One car mount which should be mounted on the ventilation exit of the car broke after the second time mounting it, leaving parts in the ventilation system of the car. So every time we needed the ventilation on high, we heard these parts brattling :(The dealer switched the broken item within one day, but this one had the same problem
  • So we switched to glass mounted car mounts, but on that one our smartphone didn’t fit
  • The second one was better, but it was impossible to both charge the phone and use the controls on the side of the phone
  • The last one we tried worked quite fine, but when the sun was shining and the window became warm, the car mount fell of the window

So, you can imagine we were quite sceptical when the package of Winnergear was delivered to our office.

The packaging of this mount is nice. You can see the mount and it’s plug-and-pray. It doesn’t need any DIY-assembly, you just take the white protection of the suction part and it’s ready for use. There is an additional 3M Film for surfaces that ‘breathe’, so the suction doesn’t work.

In our case we would be using the Car Mount in several cars, so this one film didn’t do the tric and we decided not to use it.

Using the Car Mount for the first time was quite easy. You simply press the suction cup against the window and click the lever down. The mount sticks really good against the glass, and adding a 5″ smartphone with it’s cover opened worked with no problem at all! We had some trouble trying it with one hand, but after a few tries we got that trick too.

We tested the Montar Car Mount in this car for several days, on several locations on the screen and the car mount simply does what it is supposed to do: Keep your phone in place and operational.

Due to the good design we were able to operate the side buttons and charge the phone at the same time. After a few tries we decided to locate the car mount on the glass to the left of the steering wheel, because the only problem we could find was the size of the suction cup. The can be an obstacle on the window and block too much of the view.

So we decided to take the test to the next level. The first car was closed and a quite easy going diesel, not suitable for trackdriving. The next testcar was a convertible, but not just any convertible, a topclass sportscar especially aligned for trackdriving. (Yes die hard racers, I know that NO convertible ever will be the ultimate track car). So we took this car, mounted the smartphone including it’s opened cover, and drove it till the smoke came of the tires.

The Montar Car Mount did it’s job fantastic and the phone was exactly where it was before we started the test.

In the weeks after this, we switched cars on a daily basis, switching the Montar too. It held several phones, in several cars, on clean surfaces and not-so-clean windows. It was tested with sun, rain, storm, so in all kind af temperatures (except freezing), some fast changing temperatures and it just did what it is supposed to do: keep a phone where you can use it in your car.

In one car we had a surface which would have been ideal to use, but unfortunately this was a bit bended by design, so the Montar didn’t stick to it.

This is without a doubt the best car mount we’ve ever tested and used! It simply does what it is supposed to do, and like a good tool, you don’t have to give it much attention, it just serves you.


  • Does what it must do
  • Very good mounting
  • Great quality
  • Stable and secure


  • Suction cap is quite large
  • Just one film included

This really is a great car mount for the money. You can purchase it directly from Winnergear and it gets shipped worldwide.

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Update April, 15 2016

Montar Car MountWe are still using the Montar Car Mount. But in one of the cars we are using for testing we do have the problem that it has a pretty low area to look throught, since it’s a sportscar. On the inside this car has several flat surfaces, which are made from brushed aluminium, so they’re not as flat as glass.

The Montar Car Mount works fine on this surface too, although you need to attach it before every trip because the surface let’s some air pass. The surface we use is more or less flat and horizontal, so the mount keeps standing, even when the suction cup isn’t airthight! Only when the car is driven rather sportly, the mount will sometimes flip over, but than everything that isn’t bolted down will.

The Universal Car Mount comes with a film you can use on surfaces that are not completely air tight, like most dashboards, but we choose not to use this film to see how it performes, and we are very satisfied by the result!

Update January 16, 2017

A sad day. After guiding us throughout Europe for quite some time, I put in my cellphone like always. I heard a pretty hard “click” and the Montar Car Mount broke down. Something on the inside must have broken, because I can still lift up the arm to make it wide enough to fit my cellphone, but it won’t clamp down to hold the cellphone any longer 🙁

It’s a sad day and we will really miss the Montar Car Mount!!

Update February 10, 2017 – The Finale

Because we have to drive back someday, I decided to give a go and glue one arm of the Montar Car Mount to the base, so I could use the other arm to put in my phone, but with no luck.

The material the Montar Car Mount is made of can’t get glued using superglue. So we had locked the one arm in another way, but the second time I did put my phone into the Car Mount, the other arm broke completely. See the sad result in the picture below.


Montar Car Mount is no more :(So we lost a good companion during our roadtrips.

It was quite fun to use the mount for those months.

As a last advise, we advise you to use the pad is comes with the mount. In the last car the mount was mounted against the window, which leaves a nasty stain.

We feel the lifetime of somewhere around 17 months is quite short in this age of environmental concerns. At this moment we are in a country were recycling is something nobody seems to have heard of, so if 17 months is a normale lifetime, a lot of mounts will end up in general thrash 🙁