Telegram 5.4 adds autoplaying videos and automatic download settings

We’re always on the lookout for a new Telegram update and today version 5.4 has started rolling out. The update includes a number of features, including autoplaying videos, automatic download settings, and logout alternatives.

Autoplaying videos work the same as you’ve seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As you scroll through a chat, videos will play automatically without sound. You can unmute at any time by tapping the icon or using the phone’s volume buttons. Thankfully, there is an option to disable autoplaying videos completely.

New settings give you more control over automatic downloads. You toggle it off when using mobile data, WiFi, or roaming. There are also settings based on chat, file type, and file size. Lastly, Telegram has added new options for logging out. Instead of logging out, which doesn’t work like other apps, users now have the option to add another account, set a passcode, clear cache, change phone number, or contact support.

Download Telegram 5.4 from the Play Store below and check out these new features.

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