POCO is sending the POCO X2 to custom ROM and kernel developers

If you have been following Android news in recent years, you have likely heard of the POCO and its first phone, the renowned POCO F1. POCO started off as a sub-brand under Xiaomi in 2018 but has since graduated into its own independent brand in 2020 with its own separate and distinct market strategy. The POCO X2 is its newest device in the market, bringing to the table the same value-oriented pricing that made the POCO F1 a winner. What the POCO X2 also carries over from the POCO F1 is developer-friendliness — POCO had promised Day 1 kernel source release, and the company delivered. Now, POCO is going one step further in its support for the developer community by sending out the POCO X2 to custom ROM and kernel developers.

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The POCO X2 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, which should make development efforts easier thanks to the existence of the Qualcomm CodeAurora forums. As mentioned previously, kernel sources for the device are also available. There is a brief 3-day waiting period for bootloader unlocking, as it was on the POCO F1 — but this is to safeguard consumers at large while still allowing those interested in custom works to modify their devices. And now, with their efforts in seeding devices to custom ROM and kernel developers, the company has set its latest device on the same path of excellent third-party community support as was witnessed on the POCO F1.

Here are the developers who will be receiving the POCO X2:

Devices have already shipped out to these developers. From this list, developers based in India have either already received their device or will receive them very soon. Developers based outside of India will receive them in accordance with reasonable international shipping timelines. Consequently, we hope to see the fruits of this effort available to the community in the near future. The POCO X2 has gone on sale in India, and with its aggressive pricing and a robust feature set, we expect to see definitive demand for the phone. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the POCO community.

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